About Kanazawa Zoo

Kanazawa Zoo,covering an area of 12.8 hectares,is located within the 58.5 hectares of Kanazawa Natural Park,which is situated next to the Greenery Preservation Area and the Civic Forest on the outskirts of Kita-kamakura. The zoo overlooks Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula. The hilly region, with its distant views of Mount Fuji, offers a zoological-geographical display divided into the four continents of America, Eurasia, Oceania, and Africa. Collection of rare herbivorous animals are kept in a natural, unfensed environment,for the purpose of preservation of species. This is a nature and animal park full of rich greenery in the form of trees and plants representative of each continent. The plants area, covering 13.6 hectares, is divided into six zone, namely "Uki-uki-Bayasi"(lighthearted Forest), "Mizu-no-Tani(Valley of Water), "Nandaro-Zaka(What-is-it Hill),"Nonbiri-Nohara"(Relaxed Fields),"Niko-niko Puraza"(Smiling Plaza), "Sida-no-Tani"(Valley of Ferns), "Nonohana-Kan"(Wild Flower Pavilion, visitor center) placed in Niko-niko Puraza, is the center of educational activities. Hiking courses in the outer garden of Kanazawa Natural Park are very popular among citizens. Parking palace is located also in the outer garden. This is a place for relaxation amidst a profusion of trees and plants varying from season to season, a nature park which can be enjoyed to the full as a site for the study of nature science.

Visitor Information

Hours and Days Open

Kanazawa Zoo opens 9:30am. to 4:30pm (Entrance is allowed untill 4:00pm) and closes every Monday (closes Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday).

※ The zoo closes from December 29 through January 1.

Zoo Tickets

  • Adults \500(Groups:\400)
  • High school students \300(Groups:\240)
  • Elementary school and Jr.high school students \200

※ Groups:over 20 persons
※ Special privilege for handicapped persons and other.


Parking lot:9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.(Closed when the zoo is closed)
  • Parking fee:Car(\600/once)
  • Bus(\1800/once)

※ We provide wheelchairs at the front parking lot,at the highway side parking lot ,at the"Nikoniko plaza",at the conservancy of the "Nonohana-kan",at the tonnel gate and at each provision booth in the zoological garden.



Kanazawa Zoo Map